Accompanying guests

Jesus College requires individual registration. Consequently, if you wish to bring a partner or other accompanying persons, they must be registered and as all charges are per person we will need to receive full payment. Please also be aware that as an educational institution, the majority of College accommodation is for single occupancy. There are a limited number of twin rooms and if your partner wishes to accompany you then it is important that you register them as soon as possible.

If your accompanying guest does not wish to attend any of the presentations in the symposium then it will not be necessary for them to pay the registration fee. However, we do not have the resources to run an accompanying person's programme, although there is a great deal to see and do in Cambridge and its environs.

Children are generally not permitted to stay in College, especially if unaccompanied by a parent or guardian, and by extension, they are not permitted to attend the symposium. Those under the age of 18 are not permitted to dine in the Halls of the College. Occasionally, a young person over the age of 16 and accompanied by a parent may be invited. They would, however, need to register and pay. As there is a seating plan each evening it is important that participants are seated next to colleagues with whom they can enjoy a relevant conversation. Arrangements can be made in exceptional circumstances.




A no tolerance policy is in operation in regard to unacceptable behaviour toward any member of the College, its staff, or anyone on its premises. In appropriate circumstances individuals may be expelled from the College's property and a complaint made to the authorities.

The symposium attracts participants from many different cultures and backgrounds and it is the desire of the organisers that in a spirit of mutual respect everyone will enjoy their experience in Cambridge. Respect in particular for members of the College staff and members of the Secretariat, is important. The organisers are concerned that the excellent reputation that the symposium enjoys in the College and wider city is maintained.


Cancellation policy

All cancellations or name changes must be received in writing before 9 August 2019. Prior to 9 August 2019, cancellations are charged at £400 per booking while name changes are free. After 9 August 2019, there are no refunds available and name changes are charged at £40.

Children and young people

Children are generally not permitted to attend the symposium. Special arrangements in unusual circumstances may be possible and Daniela Bowker should be consulted.

College Bar


The organisers are very keen to provide those attending the symposium with every opportunity to meet other participants and network. There is a cocktail reception each evening before dinner. After dinner, participants may convene in the College Bar, which remains open until at least midnight and offers a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There are also numerous pubs and wine bars within easy walking distance of the College.

College rules and regulations

The Colleges of the University of Cambridge have a great deal of autonomy. However, there are a number of University-wide regulations and each College is charged with implementing these together with its own rules. It is hoped that all those attending the symposium will respect the often ancient traditions of the University and its Colleges and act at all times with appropriate decorum.

The Master and Fellows of Jesus College are most generous in their support of the symposium particularly in giving those that attend the programme wide access to the public areas of the College. However, it is important to remember that the College is a place of work for its members and especially noise should be kept to the minimum. There are University and College rules which impact on us particularly in regard to dining in the two Halls of the College. Use of mobile phones even for texting is forbidden during meals and the College's staff are asked to enforce these rules. Please also refer to the College's no smoking policy. This is strictly enforced.

Those participating in the symposium are free to access access many parts of the College including the College Chapel, which is well worth visiting. Generally speaking Colleges discourage walking on their lawns and this is expressly forbidden in the case of First Court (i.e. where the Horse sculpture is located), Cloister Court, and around the Chapel in Chapel Court, which is in fact a burial ground.

If in any doubt please consult the Porters.


The symposium is not a governmental forum and everyone is encouraged to be candid and constructive in their comments and conversation. So called Chatham House Rules apply to all aspects of the programme and thus while information disclosed, without any caveat, in presentations and discussions may be referred to, it should not be attributed unless there is clear authority and permission to do so. While presentations at the symposium are therefore generally considered to be in the public domain they should only be attributed to the speaker with that person’s consent. The symposium organisers are not generally in a position to give such consent.

The chair may in any session or proceeding of the symposium impose a stipulation of confidentiality. This may apply to all presentations and discussion within that session or workshop or to particular presentations or aspects thereof. It is also open to any individual speaker to state that his or her presentation or comments are off the record. In the case of plenary workshops and interactive workshops, it will be assumed that all presentations and discussions are not only non-attributable but also confidential. Of course, it is open to the chair or any individual speaker to waive this in regard to their own comments.

Documentation prepared as background material for deliberation at the symposium and distributed by the organisers is also to be treated in confidence as it is distributed for the sole purpose of facilitating discussion within the proceedings.

The organisers sincerely hope and, indeed, expect all those attending the symposium to respect these rules.


Dietary requirements

The College is pleased to cater for specific dietary requirements. Please email the symposium office to inform us of your needs.

Disability assistance

The symposium warmly welcomes delegates who might require disability access or adjustments and there is accessible accommodation available. However, as some of the College buildings are listed, some rooms and spaces are not easily accessible. Please inform us in advance of your access requirements and we will ensure that you are able to get everywhere you need to be.


All registered participants will receive background documentation on arrival at Jesus College. This will cover the issues that will be discussed during the symposium. This material is primarily intended to facilitate discussion and support further research. The symposium does not record or provide transcripts of the presentation, but some are published in the Journal of Financial Crime and Journal of Money Laundering Control, the two official journals of the symposium.

Dogs and other animals

Dogs and animals are not permitted in the College Close with the exception of dogs trained for disability support and security related matters.

Dress code

Most participants dress formally–in usual business attire–for the first day, when there is a group photo taken immediately after lunch. Participants may dress as they feel comfortable for the rest of the symposium. Cocktails and dinner each evening are, however, formal and gentlemen should wear a jacket and tie or national dress.


Early registration

We are not able to offer early registration for any participants. Check-in for College accommodation begins at 14:00. Guests are expected to check out by 10:00 on the day of their departure.


The College's Porters (who are on duty around the clock) are best placed to handle medical and other emergencies during the symposium. There are first-aiders available in College and if an ambulance is necessary the Porters will be able to direct it to the appropriate place and provide access and support. The same is also true in regard to police matters. However, in the case of an emergency where it is not practicable to refer the matter to the Porters first, then please dial 999 and then inform the Porters as soon as possible.



Accommodation within the close of Jesus College is limited but all rooms are en-suite. The same is true in regard to Sidney Sussex College. However, accommodation in Jesus College property adjacent to the college may involve shared WC facilities. Rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note, the College is not a five star hotel - it’s charm is that it has offered accommodation for the last 500 years.

Filming, interviews, and photography

Photography within the College grounds, for example of its sculptures or architecture, is permitted for personal use. However, photography is not permitted in the Hall or Upper Hall of the College. Photography for publication, especially for commercial or media use, together with any filming or interviews must be sanctioned by the College Council. Appropriate forms maybe sought from Daniela Bowker.

The organisers do arrange photographers for the duration of the symposium. Should you not wish to be photographed, please inform Daniela Bowker. Participation in the group photograph, taken following lunch on the Monday of the symposium, is optional.



Given the number of people attending the symposium it is necessary to retain a degree of formality particularly in the plenary proceedings where time is very limited. There are occasions when questions and comments are invited by the Session Chairman from the floor. Other interruptions, including mobile phone tones, are certainly not encouraged! Of course, during the interactive workshops the situation is rather more informal.

We do maintain a formality in the proceedings for dinner. Dinner will be announced by the College Butler at the end of cocktails. There is always a formal seating plan and it is expected that those dining will take their seat with alacrity. There will be the traditional College grace read in Latin each evening, a series of formal toasts and speeches. It is expected that those in Hall will be respectful of those speaking and remain quiet.




All of the Colleges of the university of Cambridge have rules relating to the invitation of guests on to College property. These are not solely concerned with privacy and decorum, but also security.

The College is private property and all those participating in the symposium are technically guests of the College; therefore, they should not, as a matter of courtesy, extend invitations to persons not registered as attendees without permission.

Members of the Secretariat and the College Porters are instructed, as a matter of security, to challenge any person in the College Close who is not a member of the College or who is not wearing an ID badge issued by the Symposium. The Porters are under a duty to restrict access to those who have business within the College.

Should you wish to meet someone who is not a registered symposium participant in the College Close then you should inform the Symposium Office. There are, of course, numerous coffee shops and restaurants in Cambridge very proximate to the College which might provide a suitable venue.

Except within exceptional circumstances when a participant has purchased a lunch or dinner place for a named guest, ad-hoc guests are not permitted to be brought into meals.

Unregistered guests will not be admitted in to any of the symposium venues or to the pre-dinner reception.



You are advised to purchase travel insurance, which should include health cover, for the duration of your stay. Neither the College nor the Symposium can be held responsible for the security of your personal possessions.


Lost property

There is no official lost property office for the Symposium, but do enquire at the office should you misplace something.


Master and Fellows

The Master and Fellows of the College graciously permit the symposium to have wide access to the public areas of the College during the programme. This is a significant and unique privilege. However, the life of the College and University continues while the symposium is on and it is important that all recognise this and intrusion into the work of the Fellowship, students and staff is kept to the minimum. The Master and a number of Fellows live in College and therefore participants are asked to be respectful of this, especially with noise levels, particularly in the evenings and especially after visiting the bar!


Meals and the pre-dinner cocktails provide participants with an excellent opportunity to meet new friends, approach speakers and panellists and generally network. Consequently we consider the social side of the symposium as important and the Organising Committee puts a lot of effort in to making sure that those attending the symposium find the College's hospitality enjoyable and useful. Breakfast is served each morning from 07:00 to 08:00 in the Halls of the College. Breakfast will end just before the plenary sessions commence as the College staff need to vacate the Halls to ready them for later proceedings. Lunch will be available in the halls during the lunch break. Seating is free, but given the numbers and fact that the lunch break is only one hour, you are strongly advised to move with alacrity.

Pre-dinner cocktails will be served from 18:45 in the Cocktail Tent next to the main venue. Dinner will be announced by the College Butler at 19:25 and given the number of people dining each evening it is important that seats are taken as soon as possible. To facilitate mixing and networking there is a formal and fixed seating plan for everyone who has registered to dine and it is important that this is followed. The seating plan will be available during cocktails and will also be displayed. The secretariat will also advise you where you are sitting as you arrive for cocktails.

During dinner we do try and observe as far as is practical the formal traditions of the College. There will be a traditional grace in Latin, a number of toasts, and speeches at the end of the evening. It is expected that those dining in both Halls will remain attentive and courteous to the after dinner speakers. Noise does travel in Hall and this can be very disruptive. The use even for texting of mobile phones is not permitted in the College's Halls.

Jesus College has two halls, Hall and Upper Hall. Both are steeped in tradition and one is not superior over the other. Given the number of participants, the organising committee will attempt to give participants an opportunity to sit in both halls during their stay in College when preparing the seating plan. The High Table and thus after dinner speakers will be in the Hall which is much larger, but all proceedings will be transmitted to the Upper Hall so that everyone can participate fully in proceedings.

Participants are requested to take their seats as quickly as possible each evening, to allow those on the waiting list to be accommodated. Empty seats will be re-allocated to those on the waiting list and to members of the secretariat prior to the reading of grace. Please ensure that you avail yourself of the WC, if necessary, before dinner is called and not en route!

Given the pressure of numbers if you decide for whatever reason not to dine on a particular night it is most helpful if you could inform the symposium office as soon as possible. We invite representatives from the various diplomatic missions in the UK to dine with us and meet their compatriots, consequently it can be embarrassing if a delegate does not turn up for dinner and his ambassador was looking forward to meeting him or her! Furthermore we do our best in attempting to accommodate seating requests, provided we receive them the day prior to the meal.

Please inform us as soon as possible of any particular dietary requirements.

Mobile phones

There is excellent mobile phone coverage in Cambridge, although limited access to public phones. Please note, within College and thus the Symposium, the College’s regulations apply to the use of mobile phones. Participants are requested to ensure that their handsets are on silent mode during all proceedings and the use of mobiles (including for texting) is not permitted during the formal dinners in Hall. The College is unable to accept responsibility for taking and communicating personal messages, albeit in extremis very urgent messages may be left at the Porter’s Lodge (+44 (0)1223 339339) and/or the symposium office.


Parking policy

There are numerous public car parks in Cambridge. The nearest ones to the College are in the Grafton Centre and on Park Street. However, there is also limited space within Jesus College. If a registered participant needs a parking space, please consult with Daniela Bowker as soon as possible. Unauthorised parking within the College (and University) is not permitted.

Personal safety

The Colleges of the University of Cambridge do everything they can to ensure the personal safety of those staying in their property. There is extensive CCTV coverage and the Porters patrol on a regular basis. Access to the Colleges is also controlled. Outside College, however, as with most towns there are occasional issues. Cambridge, largely because of its character and community, does attract people with unconventional lifestyles which are capable of being misunderstood. Students when in residence are advised by their tutors to be careful particularly when walking about the city centre late at night and especially in exploring the city's many open green areas.

Cambridge's history has a long recorded, but mercifully rare, tension between what is described as the 'town and gown'. While it does need to be put in proportion, conference delegates after a very good meal and a few visits to the local pubs, should be sensible! On the other hand, no one should be discouraged in the slightest from enjoying what the city has to offer during the day or night: the actual incidence of trouble is relatively minimal and minor.

Please do not hesitate to ask the Porters in College or the symposium office for advice.

Pharmacies and health care

Cambridge benefits from a plethora of pharmacies as well as the internationally renowned Addenbrooke’s hospital. The pharmacies closest to Jesus College are Superdrug on Sidney Street and Boots in the Grafton Centre. Should you require a GP or dentist, please consult the NHS lists here and here.


The Porters at Jesus College are integral to its operation and sit at its heart. The Porters' Lodge is currently being extended and refurbished, and is temporarily housed in the main part of the College in the entrance to the Cloister Court, off First Court. Porters in Cambridge (and in many institutions - including the Inns of Court) are traditionally 'gate keepers' more concerned with reception and security; they are not employed to carry luggage! The Porters have a responsibility to ‘police’ the College–many of them come from a police or military background– and work closely with local police and other Colleges. For all issues related to security, the Porters should be approached first.

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy can found here.



The symposium is organised and run by a very small and dedicated team. This voluntary team is supported during the symposium by the Secretariat. The secretariat comprises mostly young lawyers engaged in doctoral studies, and some young practitioners, led by more experienced team members, for example Prof Rider. They volunteer their services without remuneration or recompense. All participants are expected to give the secretariat the assistance, support, and respect that they deserve.


While the symposium is not considered to present serious security related issues to the College and University the organisers are mindful of the need to operate certain procedures and exercise discretion. There are occasions when the topics under discussion and perhaps certain speakers might well attract the attention of those concerned about security. The organisers do liaise carefully with the authorities in Cambridge and, when appropriate, at a national level.

The Head Porter and his staff are primarily responsible for security in Jesus College, as are the Porters at other Colleges within the University). The Porters maintain close contact with the Cambridge Police. The organisers of the symposium also recognise their responsibilities and members of the Secretariat, some of whom will be or have been police officers or with a military background, will be allocated to this role. There is comprehensive CCTV coverage within the College (and also in the city of Cambridge). In exceptional circumstances additional security measures may be implemented.

It is important all participants wear their ID badges and members of the Secretariat (and the College Porters) have been instructed to challenge anyone who is not. Bags and other parcels should not be left unattended. 

Please note that as in most other university towns theft is not unknown - particularly of computers. The organisers and College can accept no responsibility for lost or stolen equipment or belongings.

Smoking policy

Jesus College, the venue for the symposium, has a clear smoking policy. Smoking is permitted only on the North Court car park and beside the row of garages at the end of the Library Court building. Smoking in any other room or space is prohibited.


Travel arrangements

Participants are responsible for organising and funding their own travel to and from the symposium, which includes checking in for return flights and transport to and from airports.

Cambridge is well served by transport links via bus and train. There are direct trains from both London Stansted and London Gatwick airports, and travel via London King’s Cross from Heathrow airport. It is recommended that you consult with travel site thetrainline.com to assess the fastest and cheapest fares available for both train and coach.

For taxis within Cambridge, we recommend either Panther Taxis or the A1 Cab Co.




Wi-fi is available throughout the College and numerous internet cafés in the area. Please note that the College cannot provide access to computers and/or printers.