Economically motivated criminals poison our prosperity and undermine our stability through victimisation, exploitation, and subversion. Together, we can take a stand! 







The Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime is unique. It is organised by some of the world’s leading educational and research institutions with the involvement of numerous governmental agencies, the judiciary, the professions, compliance bodies, and the business world. It provides a forum for the practical analysis and discussion of the real threats facing our world as a result of criminal and subversive activity. The Symposium is run on a non-profit making basis - its primary objective being to promote meaningful co-operation in the prevention and control of economically motivated crime and misconduct.
— Mr Saul Froomkin OBE QC, Chairman of the Symposium

A real opportunity to make a difference


The Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime first convened nearly 40 years ago as a result of widespread concern that both the development and the integrity of the global financial system were at risk from those who engage in economically motivated crime, and those who would assist them.

From the very beginning it has been our mission to bring together anyone who has a responsibility to prevent and inhibit such abuse–no matter their background–to better understand the threats and to facilitate co-operation and collaboration in protecting all our economies and societies. The Cambridge symposium has, over the years, grown into a unique international platform that makes a real difference to the control of economically relevant crime and misconduct across the world.

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I am very pleased to welcome you to the website of the International Symposium on Economic Crime which has been held at Jesus College, a College within the University of Cambridge, since 1982. The Cambridge symposium is a unique vehicle for facilitating, through mutual co-operation and discussion, meaningful responses to the threats presented by economically motivated crime. Our annual programme is very full and draws upon an outstanding network of experts from across the world in all the disciplines relevant to the prevention and control of economic crime and misconduct. We welcome you to participate in this important international initiative.
— Prof Barry Rider OBE, Founder, Co-Chairman and Director of the Symposium

An ancient venue for a truly modern approach


The symposium is not, and never has been, just a talking shop or junket for special interest groups. Rather it survives and prospers because of its unique ability to convene a diverse spectrum of delegates, returning and new, who are seeking practical solutions and networking opportunities to facilitate the protection of their economies and their institutions.



8 days

The symposium runs over eight days and offers hundreds of opportunities to connect formally and informally. Come for the week; or drop in for a day!


120+ sessions

With the emphasis on expertise, topicality and practicality, there are over 120 plenary sessions and workshops, as well as smaller interactive workshops and think tanks.

37 years

Now in its 37th year, the symposium is an internationally renowned forum for bringing practical solutions to combat economically motivated crime.


650+ experts

The symposium’s emphasis has always been practical; therefore, we bring together experts across a range of fields to share knowledge and expertise.

100+ countries

With delegates from over 100 countries, the symposium is truly international and a unique opportunity to forge cross-border connections.


2000 participants

Over 2,000 participants join the symposium each year. This makes the symposium a unique well of expertise and experience.

A week teeming with opportunities


The focus for the 37th symposium is the shared responsibility borne by public and private bodies, across international borders, to fight economic crime. In particular, it will look at the flow of information between agencies and the business world, and how to tackle the issues that this presents. In addition to its keynote speeches and focal discussions each day, there are a host of alternative programmes, plenary sessions and workshops to enable you to share your knowledge, garner new skills, and build new connections.

Fighting economic crime - a shared responsibility!

Download the 37th symposium programme here.


A diverse programme in a stunning venue


Jesus College, Cambridge is the venue for the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime. You are warmly invited to join us for the entire week of the symposium, or for as many days as you wish. A full week’s registration entitles to you attend as many sessions of the programme as you would like, together with lunch, cocktails, and dinner. Overnight accommodation is also available principally in Jesus College, and Sidney Sussex College, another ancient College of the University. Should your schedule not permit attendance for the entire week, day tickets–which include lunch and cocktails–are available, as are dinner tickets, which will afford you the excellent opportunity to network while enjoying the magnificent cuisine provided by the College.


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Programme registration

Register for the entire week’s programme, or as many days as you prefer, to share in and contribute to the symposium.



Spend the entire week of the symposium, or just one night, in Jesus College or Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.

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Enjoy the delicious food and unparalleled networking opportunities of a symposium dinner and pre-dinner reception.